Window, A., Hentz, A., Sheppard, D., Parkinson, G., Niehus, H., Ahlbehrendt, D., Noakes, T., Bailey, Paul and Woodruff, D. (2011) V_{2}O_{3}(0001) Surface Termination: Phase Equilibrium. Physical Review Letters, 107 (1). 016105. ISSN 0031-9007

Complementary but independent medium-energy and low-energy ion scattering studies of the (0001) surfaces of V2O3 films grown on Pd(111), Au(111) and Cu3Au(100) reveal a reconstructed full O3-layer termination creating a VO2 surface trilayer. This structure is fully consistent with previous calculations based on thermodynamic equilibrium at the surface during growth, but contrasts with previous suggestions that the surface termination comprises a complete monolayer of vanadyl (V=O) species

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