Fleming, T.P., Cropper, M.D., Bailey, Paul and Noakes, T.C.Q. (2011) The structure formed by the deposition of a sub-monolayer quantity of platinum onto Cu(110) investigated using medium energy ion scattering. Surface Science, 605 (15-16). pp. 1483-1488. ISSN 0039-6028

The structure of 0.35 monolayers of platinum deposited onto Cu(110) has been investigated using medium energy ion scattering. Quantitative analysis of the data has been performed using the VEGAS routine. It was found that platinum atoms mostly occupy the second layer with a first interlayer distance of d12 = 123 ± 4 pm and a separation of first and third layers of d13= 142− 10+ 4 pm. These represent a contraction of 4% and an expansion of 11% respectively from the ideal termination of the Cu(110) surface. There is clear evidence of the presence of some platinum in the third layer.

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