MacDonald, Juliet (2008) De-Skill, Re-Skill. [Show/Exhibition]

De-skill Re-skill was a project by Juliet MacDonald involving an exhibition and a residency. It took place between the 5th and the 23rd of November at Drawing Spaces. The exhibition consisted on a series of drawings produced over a number of years representing a continuous line of enquiry. This investigation was concerned with the status of the body and the activity of drawing as a mode of embodied knowledge. In this way, the exhibited works showed an increasing concern with the body as an entanglement rather than a singular entity. They included drawings made in the street in response to the movement of people walking past and, also, a number of notes, diagrams, workings and doodles extracted from numerous files. Among the notes and diagrams there were also many drawings made quickly from glimpses of faces. Through these multiple approaches, carefully learned drawing skills were confounded by fleeting perceptual experiences. During her residency, Juliet developed a new series of drawings which were aimed to examine the manual, visual and tool-using elements that constitute drawing as a skilled practice. Her intention was to experiment with ways in which a drawing practice can incorporate dexterity and clumsiness, vision and blindness, figurative conventionality and animal immediacy. On the 13th of November Juliet delivered a presentation of her project, which was followed by the 2nd Drawing Lesson delivered by Paulo Luís Almeida with the title Faked Acts: Aspects of the performative dimension of drawing.

De-Skill Re-Skill 1
Available under License Creative Commons Attribution.

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De-Skill Re-Skill 2

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De-Skill Re-Skill 3

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