Aubert, B. et al. (2008) Search for the highly suppressed decays B-→K+π-π- and B-→K-K-π+. Physical Review D, 78 (9). 091102. ISSN 1550-7998

We report a search for the decays B-→K+π-π- and B-→K-K-π+, which are highly suppressed in the standard model. Using a sample of (467±5)×106 BB̅ pairs collected with the BABAR detector, we do not see any evidence of these decays and determine 90% confidence level upper limits of B(B-→K+π-π-)<9.5×10-7 and B(B-→K-K-π+)<1.6×10-7 on the corresponding branching fractions, including systematic uncertainties.

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