Lim, Liza (2011) Tongue of the Invisible (2011). [Composition]

Tongue of the Invisible (2010/11)
A work for improvising musician, baritone and 16 musicians
1. At dawn I heard the tongue of the invisible; 2. Between the pages of the world (i); 3. This door is the mouth of love; 4. Between the pages of the world (ii); 5. The roots of the world are entwined in the wind; 6. Between the pages of the world (iii); 7. Encircling its towers with a silver coronet of song; 8. Our embraces are a banquet of revolving time
Soli: Klav (präp). Bar.
1 (Afl. Picc). 1 (Lupophon). 1 (Bkl.). Asax (Barsax). 1 (Contraforte). / 1. 1 (Doppeltrtr. Flhr). Tbps. 0. Eu. / Schlzg. Cim. / 1. 1. 1. 1. 1.

Premiere: Amsterdam, 8.6.2011, Holland Festival
Duration: 60'

Ricordi Munich Sy. 4063

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