Lycett, Robert and Moradi, Iman (2011) Angelic Conversations. [Show/Exhibition]

// Angelic Conversations
// Rob Lycett and Iman Moradi

"visual glitches are quite often fleeting artifacts that momentarily offer a glimpse of the inner workings and complexities of storage, display and communication technology"

Iman Moradi - 'Glitch: Designing Imperfection" 2009

Rob Lycett and Iman Moradi are two visual artists who repeatedly explore the transient nature of the glitch. Their creative practices have evolved from teaching and research themes from within Digital Media Design subject area in the School of Art, Design & Architecture at the University of Huddersfield. 'Angelic Conversations' is a collection of new artworks brought together for IN:TONES 2011.

Rob Lycett
Lecturer in Art & Design at the University of Huddersield.

Rob Lycett's work explores the (typo)graphic potential of various technological processes (generative computer programmes, glitches, GPS data, real-time human interaction). This visual experimentation is concerned with acts of drawing, writing and mapping – in the form of books, digital video and real-time computer graphics.

Residua {2011}
Processing Software {realtime}
What remains of digital images during generative data transformations. The animation of the still.

REM 2:11 {2011}
VHS tape transferred to DVD - {looping}
Analogue video capture card glitches. Revelations of pure colour and structure {warp and weft}.

Singularity {2011}
Text, Pure Data/Gem Software {realtime}
Generative 3D environment where multiple texts and geometric forms attempt to occupy a single point in space.

Iman Moradi
Iman Moradi is the Creative Director of Running in the Halls a design agency which creates its own digital products as well as that of its clients. Formerly a lecturer in Art & Design at the University of Huddersfield and pursuing a PhD in Glitch Aesthetics that he's put on hold, Iman is interested in a range of eclectic approaches to exploring the glitch, including textile and furniture design. Iman is a serial collaborator and his collaborative book Designing imperfection showcases a stunning range of work by Glitch artists and designers around the world.

Jacks {2011}
Digital Video
Jack is a typical masculine sounding name in English, it also refers to a connector, it's short for the word hijacking and it epitomises what the piece is about. Portraits of people named 'Jack' have been hijacked from their point of origin, a series of manual processes have been used to glitch these images using audio as a significant component. The resulting subtly animated imagery can be seen as being amorphous, macabre, indeterminate and sinister unlike the innocuous origins of the original portraits.

lycett-residua-02.png - Published Version
Available under License Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial No Derivatives.

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