Doggett, C.M., Bernhauser, Sue and Cortis, J. (2007) Developing a partnership model, across five universities in the north of England, as part of a centre for excellence in teaching and learning. Abstracts of the International Congress of Nursing, C775A.

Five universities in Yorkshire, England have developed a collaborative partnership model based on the assessment and learnng in practice settings of nursing and other health professional students. Objectives: > to explore an innovative model of partnership > to share a multi professional approach to assessment and learning in practice > to examine the implications for nursing The partnership is unique in that it focusses initially on 3 areas of generic competence, communication, team working and ethics. The structure of the collaboration is differentiated by the framework in place which facilitates the equal contribution from each member. The programme involves 16 health and social care professions using a multi professional approach to ensuring that students are fully equipped to perform competantly and confidently at the start of their professional careers. The paper explores the implications of student supervision and assessment in practice and how this approach can both better utilise resources and enhance the validity and reliability of the assessment of practice. The session will encourage interaction between participants by exploring how we go about implementing meaningful and sustainable changes in assessment in practice settings. Focussing on the opportunities, threats and challenges posed by inter-professional assessment. Also explored will be questions such as, can and should a sutably qualified physiotherapist assess pre- registration student nurses? What preparation should a nurse have to assess a social worker

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