Aubert, B. et al. (2006) B meson decays to ωK*, ωρ, ωω, ωϕ, and ωf0. Physical Review D, 74 (5). 051102. ISSN 1550-7998

We describe searches for B meson decays to the charmless vector-vector final states ωK*, ωρ, ωω, and ωϕ with 233×106 BB̅ pairs produced in e+e- BB̅ annihilation at √s=10.58  GeV. We also search for the vector-scalar B decay to ωf0. We measure the following branching fractions in units of 10-6: B(B0→ωK*0)=2.4±1.1±0.7  (<4.2), B(B+→ωK*+)=0.6-1.2-0.9+1.4+1.1  (<3.4), B(B0→ωρ0)=-0.6±0.7-0.3+0.8  (<1.5), B(B+→ωρ+)=10.6±2.1-1.0+1.6, B(B0→ωω)=1.8-0.9+1.3±0.4  (<4.0), B(B0→ωϕ)=0.1±0.5±0.1  (<1.2), and B(B0→ωf0)=0.9±0.4-0.1+0.2  (<1.5). In each case the first error quoted is statistical, the second systematic, and the upper limits are defined at the 90% confidence level. For B+→ωρ+ decays we also measure the longitudinal spin component fL=0.82±0.11±0.02 and the charge asymmetry ACP=0.04±0.18±0.02.

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