Aubert, B. et al. (2006) Dalitz plot analysis of the decay B±→K±K±K∓. Physical Review D, 74 (3). 032003. ISSN 1550-7998

We analyze the three-body charmless decay B±→K±K±K∓ using a sample of 226.0±2.5 million BB̅ pairs collected by the BABAR detector. We measure the total branching fraction and CP asymmetry to be B=(35.2±0.9±1.6)×10-6 and ACP=(-1.7±2.6±1.5)%. We fit the Dalitz plot distribution using an isobar model and measure the magnitudes and phases of the decay coefficients. We find no evidence of CP violation for the individual components of the isobar model. The decay dynamics is dominated by the K+K- S-wave, for which we perform a partial-wave analysis in the region m(K+K-)<2  GeV/c2. Significant production of the f0(980) resonance, and of a spin zero state near 1.55  GeV/c2 are required in the isobar model description of the data. The partial-wave analysis supports this observation.

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