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Imide and isatin derivatives as β-lactam mimics of β-lactam antibiotics

Hadfield, Peter S., Casey, Lorraine A., Galt, Ronald H. B., Vilanova, Bartholomew and Page, Michael I. (2002) Imide and isatin derivatives as β-lactam mimics of β-lactam antibiotics. ARKIVOC, vi. pp. 125-144. ISSN 1424-6376

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    Activated γ-lactams, which are derivatives of succinimide, phthalimide and isatin with suitable
    elements of molecular recognition, have been synthesised as mimics of the ß-lactam antibiotics
    and their chemical and biological reactivity determined.

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    Item Type: Article
    Additional Information: (c) ARKIVOC 2002
    Subjects: Q Science > QD Chemistry
    Q Science > QR Microbiology
    Schools: School of Applied Sciences
    School of Applied Sciences > Biomolecular Sciences Research Centre
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